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Is your computer running a little slow? Programs taking forever to open? Plagued by obnoxious pop-up windows? Does your computer take FOREVER to start up?  Are you backing up your data?  Has your computer completely crashed and you need data recovery services?  Are you having trouble getting all your differenet email accounts to sync properly and show up on all your computers and other devices?

It may be time your computer hardware and software received a complete checkup from Technecall.  Specializing in onsite and remote computer support services for your home or small business systems, we also offer many other technology consulting and assistance services.  So whether you are looking to restore your system to its original prime or perhaps give it a little boost, Technecall can to help you. We work on both Macs™ and Windows™-based PCs.

Onsite & Remote Computer Repair

Proudly serviing San Diego County for a Decade

Contact us today at (760) 536-8386 in Carlsbad, California, for immediate tech support and computer repair services. Technecall provides mobile computer and laptop repair services throughout San Diego County. All repairs are individualized for your needs and convenience and we can come directly to you or your business for all computer hardware and software repair service.

Tech Support Computer Repair in Carlsbad CA

Tech Support Computer Repair in Carlsbad CA

Technecall - Operating from beautiful Carlsbad, CA

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Technecall is more than just a computer repair outfit. We aim to provide the homeowner and small-business owner with the most fair and cost-effective way to completely handle all technical needs. Our experts take care of your computers, naturally, but also install home entertainment systems and integrate them with PCs, revamp existing entertainment systems and other electronics to work better than before, install security Internet webcams, set up phone systems, and so much more. Call us today to learn more about us and our extensive computer services.

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